FAT E-Bikes - Re-Volt UAE
FAT E-Bikes - Re-Volt UAE
Fat bikes are off-road bikes with supersized tires measuring four to five inches wide. Although similar to mountain bikes in many ways, their wide low-pressure tires provide extra traction when riding, meaning they can deal with typically difficult terrains, such as mud, sand and snow.

Fat bikes are great for people who really like to go exploring in the wild on their bike. The oversized tires on fat bikes make riding over things like tree roots and stones forgiving, while you can even cycle on sand, snow and mud with them.
Whether you decide to buy a fat bike or not should depend on the type of surfaces you plan on cycling on primarily. Generally speaking, fat bikes aren’t good commuter bikes (unless you live somewhere that requires you to cycle over sand or snow a lot).

Fat bikes are good for beginners in that they are very forgiving if you cycle over bumpy or unstable terrain. However, fat bikes are slow and heavy bikes, and so can require more effort to pedal.

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